Saturday August 11 at 8.30 p.m. at the Center for Contemporary Art Nau Côclea , Moixic and Volianna will perform the animated show and overhaul «Dir J. V. Foix als Torrents de Lladurs».

«J. V. Foix al Sónar»

The July-August issue of the Sónar.

Here you can read the article.

The translator, literary critic and professor of comparative literature Eberhard Geisler has published the translation of ten sonnets from Sol, i de dol, by J. V. Foix , preceded by a prologue, in the German journal Sprache Im Technischen Zeitalter.

Here you can read the list of translated sonnets.

Soon, in Casa Usher Llibreters, Jordi Cornudella, Edicions 62 advisor, will present the Diari 1918, by J. V. Foix, and Elegies de Bierville. Salvatge cor. Darrers poemes, by Carles Riba, both appeared in labutxaca collection.
Perejaume, Dolors Miquel and Enric Casasses will read some texts.

Site: Casa Usher Llibreters. Santaló, 79. Barcelone
Day and hour: 19th June at 7 p.m.

Sant Jordi a l’Escola Poeta Foix

Once again, thePoeta Foix school has organized the Jocs Florals de Sant Jordi to which the Fundació was invited.

This 2018, the wining poetry of the J. V. Foix Extraordinary Prize was entitled «La història de tota una vida», by G. S. I.

This month, at the cultural supplement La Llança of the digital newspaper El Nacional,Joan Safont talks about the reissue of Catalans de 1918, edited by Lluís Quintana Trias and Toni Marí, at Tusquets Editors.

Published for the first time in 1965, Catalans de 1918 collects a series of autobiographical proses from the diary that Foix wrote when he was young, between 1909 and 1925.

From May 10th to August 26th, the exhibition Nord/Sud/Est/Oest, curated by Antoni Llena, can be seen in room 3 of Palau Robert in Barcelona, ​​with works by the photographer Antoni Bernad, among which there is a photography by J. V. Foix.

Joan Josep Mayans borrows this line from J. V. Foix to untitle his new CD, which includes different Catalan poets from Maragall, Carner, Riba and Salvat-Papasseit to Ponç Pons. It includes also Manent, Vinyoli, Espriu, Pujols and Desclot.

You can find «Sé un poble lluny de Provença» and «Onsevulla tinc port» by Foix.

Here you can listen to «Onsevulla tinc port».

Autor: Humberto RivasA la Biblioteca Joan Miró, de Barcelona, tindrà lloc el recital «Un tast de Foix» a càrrec de l’actriu Gemma Reguant i la pianista Anna Alemany. Els textos del poeta estaran acompanyats de la música de Mestres-Quaderny, Frederic Mompou i Xavier Montsalvatge.

Lloc: Biblioteca Joan Miró. Carrer de Vilamarí, 61, Barcelona
Dia i hora: 25 d’abril a les 19 h.

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of J. V. Foix’s birth, Edicions 62 has just published, in addition to the Diari 1918, a volume that contains the three books of verse poetry of the poet, three master works of the poetry of twentieth century: Sol, i de dol, Les irreals omegues and Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any.