Yesterday, May 16, ended the poetry course “Read, read…” on poems by J. V. Foix, taught by Literature teacher Òscar Rocabert. Organized in collaboration with the MUHBA, the course took place at Vil·la Joana.
The poems commented have been from four books by Foix: Gertrudis, Sol, i de dol, Les irreals omegues and Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any.
Another course will be offered soon.

As every year, the poeta Foix school celebrated St. George’s Day by awarding collective prizes at the children’s level and the sixth graders. Among others, the prize for the funniest verses, the prize for tolerance and the prize for creativity and rap musicality have been awarded. In addition, an extraordinary J. V. Foix award has been given to all the students of the school because they feel proud of the name of their school, that of the poet J. V. Foix.

Here you can see the photographs of Sant Jordi’s Day 2023.

J. V. Foix in English

In March, number 7 of the semi-annual magazine Des pays habitables appeared, from Pierre Mainard Éditions, which begins with the Quatre nus and closes with the poem «Els assalariats del somni», by J. V. Foix, translated into French by Boris Monneau, translator and researcher in the literary and cinematographic fields.

Aquí podeu llegir el «Nu de pedra» en francès.

J. V. Foix in Dutch

On March 16, issue 23 of the international literature magazine Terras was presented at the Perdu bookstore in Amsterdam, with J. V. Foix‘s translations into Dutch made by Adri Boon.
It includes two sonnets of Sol, i de dol, three prose poems of Gertrudis, KRTU and L’estrella d’En Perris and a poem from Les irreals omegues. It also has the prologue that Gabriel Ferrater did for Foix’s book Els lloms transparents/em>.

Here you have the sonnet Sol, i de dol in bilingual version.


UNESCO declared March 21 World Poetry Day to commemorate one of the most precious forms of expression and linguistic identity of humanity: poetry. Practiced in all cultures and on all continents, it speaks to our common humanity and shared values.

This year the poem chosen was “El difícil enconte”, which belongs to the book On he left les claus.

Here you can read the poem.
Here you can listen to the poem recited by J. V. Foix himself.

J. V. Foixi in Tornaveu-Poètic

Tornaveu-Poètic is a unique anthology in Catalan that includes poems and video readings by current and classic authors. Enric Umbert-Reixach is in charge of this initiative, which also incorporates his reviews of the poets that have appeared in different media. The rhapsodes Txell Sota, Berta Giraut, Anna Bou, Jordi Vidal, Núria Candela and Daniela Brown collaborate.
On this occasion, he presents the poem by J. V. Foix “Es quan dormo que hi veig clar” recited by the same poet.

Here you can see the video.

oThe Sabadell Art Museum hosts the exhibition Art i Paraula, a traveling exhibition of contemporary art and Catalan poetry. The looks of artists from different generations reveal the poetry of Ausiàs March, Ramon Llull, J. V. Foix and thers.
In this case the artists and poets from Sabadell Ramiro Fernández and J. M. Ripoll, Jerónimo Prieto and Esteban Martínez, Natividad Ayala and Víctor Mañosa and Josep Gerona and Feliu Formosa have been added.

Place: Carrer del Dr. Puig, 16, 08202 Sabadell
Days: From March 1, 2023 to May 1, 2023. From Tuesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m

Foix’s Literary route in Sarrià

This route, which has the guide, Helena Cuesta, runs through the village of Sarrià where J. V. Foix was born 130 years ago and where he spent his entire life. The itinerary begins in his birthplace, the Foix confectionery on Major street, and stops at different points related to the life and work of the poet.

Day and time: Saturday, March 4 at 11 a.m.
Departure point: Major, 57, Barcelona

Within Variacions fora de tema the Sardinian artist dedicates a section of the exhibition to J. V. Foix. These are four works inspired by four poems from the book Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any.
These works were exhibited in the Rectoria Vella of Sant Celoni at Christmas 2019 on the occasion of an exhibition dedicated to Foix’s book itself.

Place: Centre d’Art la Rectoria de Sant Pere de Vilamajor
Days: from January 21 to February 26

As part of the Ferrater Year events commemorating the centenary of his birth and the fiftieth anniversary of his death, the Ateneu Barcelonès and Fundació J. V. Foix organize an event presented by the editor Jordi Cornudella and with the reading of poems by Mireia Calafell.

Day and hour: February 9 at 6:30 p.m.
Place: Sala Oriol Bohigas Ateneu Barcelonès

Here you can see the video.