Altaió: «Miró, igual que J. V. Foix, manté un estoïcisme davant la realitat»

In the book Miró i els poetes catalans Vicenç Altaió explores the collaboration between the painter and nine Catalan poets, including J. V. Foix. In addition to analyzing the shared work between Miró and the different authors, Altaió focuses on the human relationship they maintained. At the end of 2021, five years after the publication of the book in large format, Univers Art publishes a paperback edition.

«L’aventura del llenguatge. Miró i els poetes catalans», by Cesca Castellví Llavina in TempsdelesArts.

Here you can read the Joan Burdeus’s interview with Vicenç Altaió published in Núvol.