Espais Escrits. Catalan literary heritage network is a private non-profit association, established in 2005 with the aim of articulating the projects of custody, research and spreading of the tangible and intangible legacy of the classic writers of Catalan literature, and structuring the Catalan literary heritage through the institutions that watch over it and promote reading and studies.

Here you can see the promotional video.

The book published this year by the Fundació J. V. Foix allows the reader not only to witness the friendship between J. V. Foix and the publisher and bookseller Joan Gili, who settled in England in 1934, but also closely attend the birth of books such as Sol, i de dol or Les irreals omegues.

Josep Mengual carries out a preliminary study of the importance of the figure of Joan Gili to spread Catalan literature and Margarida Trias edits the correspondence.

The Pere Quart trio, formed by Toni Beamud, bassoon, Òscar Vila, piano and Òscar Rocabert, rhapsody, gave a poetry recital on June 25 at the Amics de les Arts in Terrassa, with poems by J. V. Foix. Now Mirall de Glaç, the literary section of Amics de les Arts and Joventuts Musicals of Terrassa, has just published the video on Youtube.

The recital features music by J. S. Bach, C. Ph.D. E. Bach, Frederic Mompou, Manuel Blancafort, Joan Massià, Ali Riza Saral and Beamud himself. See video.

With a multifaceted Vilacasas is considered one of the most prominent artists of the Informalist movement in Catalonia. This October and until January 10, you can visit in his hometown the exhibition that shows his pictorial work. He was a friend and collaborated with J. V. Foix. In the exhibition you can see a poem by Foix and engravings by the artist.

Site: Espai Cultura. Carrer d’en Font, 25. Sabadell

Columna Música has just released a CD with songs by Mercè Torrents (1930 – 2018) about poems by various authors, among which J. V. Foix.

On September 24 at 7:30 p.m. the presentation will take place at the Jardí dels Tarongers, on Carrer de la Ràbida, 5 in Barcelona. The mezzo-soprano Marta Valero and the pianist Daniel Blanch will take part.

It is requested to confirm attendance to

In this book, the writer Aleix Cort approaches Foix’s work from the perspective of dance, which is projected throughout the poet’s work. According to Cort, dance allowed J. V. Foix to deal, with rhythm, with the topics that most interested him: the passage of time, the relationship with women, the importance of the Instant, Love, desire…

This September, Ara of the same day of 2020, in the section «Abans d’ara» by Josep Ma Casasús, Tomàs Garcés explains that it was J. V. Foix the first who dared to speak of a true Catalan Renaissance: the one represented, among others, by Josep Carner and Carles Riba, and by solid cultural initiatives such as the Fundació Bernat Metge, which will give the Greek and Latin classics in Catalan or the collection «Els Nostres Clàssics».

On June 29, 30 and July 1, the show A tocar! could be seen at the Grec theater in Montjuïc. Among other participants, he had a video by Frederic Amat on the poem «Una rosa amb un ganivet al pit…», recited by J. V. Foix, with the hands of Nico Baixas and edited by Joan Rodón.

The day BTV broadcast it live, J. V. Foix‘s voice could not be heard.

Here you can see and hear the fragment in which Foix recites the poem while the video is being projected.

Tomorrow at the Teatre Grec de Montjuïc the play A tocar!, by Baró d’Evel will be performed by the first time. With this montage, the company intends to create a moment «in suspension» from which society starts up again and finds a new meaning to life through poetry and, specifically, the poetry by J. V. Foix.
Ceremony masters Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias surround themselves with creators of disciplines as varied as artist Frederic Amat, clown Tortell Poltrona, dancer Maria Muñoz, musician Raül Refree, fado singer Lina and actress Imma Colomer.

On Tuesday the 30 at 10.00 pm it can be seen the life show on Here you can hear the poem by J. V. Foix, «Una rosa amb un ganivet al pit…».

On Mondays 8, 15, 22 and 29 June at 7.30 pm, conducted by Òscar Rocabert, professor of Catalan literature, we will read poems by J. V. Foix from four different books, which we will send to you in advance. We will communicate by video conference.

The price of the set of sessions is € 25, which must be paid to the account number that we will indicate by mail to those who sign up. Only then will you be able to access and participate in the meeting.

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