This Sunday, March 29, Arnau Puig, a referent in 20th century philosophy and art, has died. Arnau Puig was a friend and fan of J. V. Foix, they worked closely. In the fifties of the last century, every year Arnau Puig spent a few days in el Port de la Selva invited by J. V. Foix. He also assisted in the Sunday social gatherings on carrer de Setantí in Barcelona, the poets’s residence.

Here you’ll see a photograph where Arnau Puig is with Foix in Port de la Selva.

The 2020 PEN America Literary Awards were conferred in New York in February. Lawrence Venuti, who translated Primers fragments del Diari, by J. V. Foix, was named finalist, so he couldn’t read the whata he had prepared if his translation had been chosen. But, even though, we have the opportunity to read it.

If you want to read it, it is published in Los Angeles Review of Books.

International Poetry Day 2020

On March the 21th was proclamed the World Poetry Day in 1999 by the General Conference of UNESCO. The Institució de les Lletres Catalanes promotes this celebration in the Catalan lands with the organization of different actions with the aim of spreading the poetic fact.

This year the J. V. Foix’s poem is «Si de noiet delia l’hora malva…».

The presentation of the book Noms propis. Escriptors i artistes, by J. V. Foix will take place in the Ateneu Barcelonès. The book has been published by the Fundació J. V. Foix in collaboration with Edicions 62, and appeared at the end of 2019 and that since the beginning of 2020 is already in bookstores. We will have the presence of Jordi Cornudella and Perejaume.

Day and time: March 11 at 7 p.m.
Place: Ateneu Barcelonès, Canuda, 6 Barcelona

Within the program «Dilluns de Poesia» held at the Arts Santa Monica, on February 24 at 7 p.m., Lawrence Venuti, translation theorist and translator, among others, of J. V. Foix, whose Daybook. Early fragments has just published the Northwestern University Press, will talk with the poet Francesc Parcerisas.

Place: Arts Santa Monica. Rambla, 7. Barcelone

Day and time: February 24 at 7 p.m. (more…)

At the «Dalí-Magritte» exhibition presented at the Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique there is a panel dedicated to J. V. Foix and his «És quan dormo que hi veig clar» and also to his relationshhip with Salvador Dalí for whom dreams constitute an indispensable tool thorough which our unconscious express ourselves freely.

The avant-garde Catalan painter and the poet collaborated at the time of the magazine L’Amic de les Arts and discovered a mutual and growing interest in surrealistic thought.

Here you can see the image.

Els Navegants group, from el Baix Llobregat and Moià, have just published their sixth CD entitled «Llum polar» chose seventh composition is the poem by J. V. Foix «És quan dormo que hi veig clar», wchich appeared in his book  On he deixat les claus, dated in April 1939.

Here you can listen to the poem set to music.

Today, January 28, 2020, it is 127 years since J. V. Foix was born in the town of Sarrià. To commemorate this faact, let’s reproduce some of his verses from the sonnet that headed his book KRTU, «Solo e pensoso i più deserti campi»:

“¿No hi ha caserna ni presó tan dura,
No hi ha galera en la mar més adversa
Que em faci prou esclau i ésser més lliure?”

J. V. Foix

One more year, the Fundació J. V. Foix a new volume, which this time brings together articles and prologues by J. V. Foix about writers and artists. Among the first are Llull, Verdaguer, Maragall or Riba. Among the painters are Dalí, Miró, Picasso, Chirico, Gausachs or Josep Obiols.

Artista: Martí Pey

In the Rectoria Vella de Sant Celoni, the poet and painter Narcís Comadira will give a talk-talk entitled “The Christmas carols of Foix. A reading ” on the occasion of the exhibition “ Everyone knows, and it is prophecy ”, in homage to J. V. Foix .

Date and time: January 12 at 6 pm.
Place: Rectoria Vella de Sant Celoni. Parc de la Rectoria Vella s/n, 08470 Sant Celoni, Barcelone.