«Deviations. Animation telepoems by J. V. Foix»

As part of Lluèrnia, the Olot Light and Fire Festival, two artists, Quim Domene and Norbe Fernández, work together in the production of J. V. Foix’s «Deviations. Animation telepoems by J. V. Foix», which has been inspired by the book No pesquis mai amb els ormeigs d’un altre, published by the Fundació.

The opening will take place on November the 3rd and will be the first of the events in “La Fumarola”.

Place: Saló de Descan. Teatre Principal
Schedule: from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Saturday the 7th till 11:00 pm.

If you wish to see the Festival programme, please click here.

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