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Noms propis. Escriptors i artistes

Noms propis collects for the first time, outside of the complete works, Foix’s texts (newspaper articles, prologues, and lectures) on writers and artists, including a few that have never before been published.

Els lloms transparents

Collection of forty-six articles chosen by Foix himself from the many that he wrote for the newspaper La Publicitat that reflect on culture, politics and society. As in the 1969 edition, it they are preceded by a prologue by Gabriel Ferrater.

Ho sap tothom, i és profecia

Folder containing facsimiles of 30 congratulations that Foix sent to his friends from 1948 to 1976. Each facsimile included a poem by Foix and the illustration of an artist, including Miró, Dalí, Tàpies, Ponç, Cuixart, Obiols and Amat.

Oh, si prudent i amb paraula lleugera

Collection of 28 interviews to J. V. Foix that appeared in the press, in newspapers or magazines, from 1954 till the ones that were published after his death, in January 1987.

J. V. Foix-A. Manent. Correspondència (1952-1985)

Collection of 61 letters sent between these two correspondents from 1952 to 1985. It includes seven poems by J. V. Foix, two of which are unpublished.

Como dice Enrique Badosa en el epilogo, «De la correspondencia entre los que saben escribir (…) siempre obtendremos la plenitud de la serena belleza de la palabra bien pulsada.»

Amb mots de ben copsar

Amb mots de ben copsar, published in November 2014 contains seventeen interviews of J. V. Foix and a multimedia disc with sixteen recorded interviews.

Amb versos de vacances

Amb versos de vacances, published in November 2013, contains seventy verse poems, the letters that J. V. Foix wrote in summer in el Port de la Selva.

Res no és moridor, tot és etern

Res no és moridor, tot és eternRes no és moridor, tot és etern, published in December 2012, contains, in addition to the compact disc with nine verse poems and eight poetic proses, two digital recording during a conversation which are reproduced in the appendix.

Cada poeta és ell

Cada poeta és ellCada poeta és ell, published in December 2011, contains, in addition to the transcription and the translation to Spanish of nineteen poems by J. V. Foix and two comments about Miró and Dalí, an appendix that includes five sonnets and one text, edited by Ramon Salvo Torres, and an introductory study by the same author.

No pesquis mai amb els ormeigs d’un altre

No pesquis mai amb els ormeigsNo pesquis mai amb els ormeigs d’un altre, published in December 2009, contains, in addition to the transcription and the translation to Spanish (done by Enrique Badosa and José Corredor-Mateos) of texts by Foix, an appendix that includes nine new telepoems, edited by Ramon Salvo Torres, and an introductory study by the same author.

The origin of the recordings is mainly due to the American Hispanicist and Catalanophile Patricia J. Boehne, who, in the summers of the years 1974 and 1977, visited the poet in Port de la Selva.

She, as director of North American Catalan Society, and together with some others Catalanophiles, as David Rosenthal, has promoted the candidature of poet Foix to Nobel Prize.

Therefore, this book is a tribute to Patricia J. Boehne, the English translator of part of the work by Foix, which so much has contributed to spread the knowledge of Foix in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any

Onze Nadals i un Cap d'Any

In Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any, published in 1960, J.V. Foix gathered together the poems that he had been sending his friends for Christmas between 1948 and 1958.

In the original poems, each one is accompanied by an illustration rendered by Foix’s friends just for the occasion, all of them renowned artists such as Dalí, Mompou, Ponç, Guinovart, Obiols, Cuixart, Tàpies, Mercader, Sunyer, Galí, Fenosa and Miró.

In this book that was just published, the poems appear for the first time with these illustrations. Furthermore, the music group Poetristas, made up of Albert Vila, Marc Serrats and Francesc Ribera “Titot”, have put these compositions to music, yet another step in the appropriation of works by authors and on behalf of popular culture. The book was published jointly by Eumo Editorial, Propaganda pel Fet and the Fundació J.V. Foix

Every year since 2000, the Fundació J. V. Foix, in conjunction with the Edicions 62 publishing house, has published a book edited by Jordi Cornudella, with a CD included in order to share the Foundation’s phonographic collection that preserves the poet’s voice. The titles that have been released to date are:

Ho sap tothom, i és profecia (2017)
Oh, si prudent i amb paraula lleugera (2016)
Correspondència (1952-1985), J. V. Foix / Albert Manent (2015) Coedició amb Quaderns Crema.
Amb mots de ben copsar (2014)
Amb versos de vacances (2013)
çRes no és moridor, tot és etern (2012)
Cada poeta és ell (2011)
No pesquis mai amb els ormeigs d’un altre (2009)
Una sola bandera (2007)
Més enllà dels preceptes (2006)
És quan dormo que hi veig clar (2004)
A la terra dels meus (2003)
En ritmes vells i sons arcaics (2002)
Els veïns del meu carrer (2001)
En el dia més clar de l’any (2000)

Likewise, in 2008 the Foundation, in conjunction with Eumogràfic publishing house from the Universitat de Vic and Propaganda pel Fet, published the book Onze Nadals i un cap d’any, accompanied by a CD with the poems set to music by the group Poetristes de Vic, as well as the drawings that originally accompanied each of these poems.

The Fundació has also published the following books:

A Joana Givanel (Quaderns Crema, 1997) and Conte de Nadal (Edicions 62, 2004), in bilingual edition.

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