Events to celebrate the centennial of J. V. Foix (1993)

10th of February: Polyhedral Foix. Event sponsored by the Pen Club at the Ateneu Barcelonès with Vinyet Panyella, Pere Gimferrer and Joaquim Molas [1:45:53]

8th of April: “Foix et la France”. Homage to J.V. Foix at the French Institute upon the centennial of this birth. In conjunction with the Collegial Association of Writers of Catalonia [1:28:29]

22nd of May: Literary route of J. V. Foix. Covered by Radio Nacional de España of the route organised by the Fundació J. V. Foix, with 12 stops, at each of which a poem was read. [0:52:13]

21st of April: . Round table with Joaquim Molas (moderator), Pere Gimferrer, Albert Manent, Manuel Carbonell, Enrique Badosa and Vicenç Altaió [2:02:12]

5th of October: J. V. Foix, resident of Sarrià. Antoni Argullol and Núria Mestres talk about their personal relationship with J. V. Foix [1:06:24]