Poems recited by J. V. Foix

A digital version of the engravings housed at the Foundation -digitalised by la Càtedra Màrius Torres– that chiefly contain most of Foix’s literary oeuvre read by the poet himself. The collection is completed by a series of interviews with people who knew the poet well, conducted by Ferran Bach and Jordi Madern, along with a selection of recordings of the events held to celebrate the centennial of the author’s birth.

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Background: Fundació J. V. Foix

Digitalisation: Càtedra Màrius Torres

Acknowledgments: Amat Baró Gonzàlez, Xavier Milla.

Description: Recorded texts in chronological order of works

Sol, i de dol:
Les irreals omegues:
On he deixat les claus:
Del «Diari 1918»:
Onze Nadals i un Cap d’any:
L’estrella d’En Perris:
Obres poètiques:
Desa aquests llibres al calaix de baix:
Darrer comunicat:
Tocant a mà…:
Altres textos poètics: