No pesquis mai amb els ormeigs d’un altre

No pesquis mai amb els ormeigs d’un altre, published in December 2009, contains, in addition to the transcription and the translation to Spanish (done by Enrique Badosa and José Corredor-Mateos) of texts by Foix, an appendix that includes nine new telepoems, edited by Ramon Salvo Torres, and an introductory study by the same author.

The origin of the recordings is mainly due to the American Hispanicist and Catalanophile Patricia J. Boehne, who, in the summers of the years 1974 and 1977, visited the poet in Port de la Selva.

She, as director of North American Catalan Society, and together with some others Catalanophiles, as David Rosenthal, has promoted the candidature of poet Foix to Nobel Prize.

Therefore, this book is a tribute to Patricia J. Boehne, the English translator of part of the work by Foix, which so much has contributed to spread the knowledge of Foix in the Anglo-Saxon world.