The phrase that J. V. Foix writes to Max Cahner -by then the editor of the review- on the occasion of the publication of the new phase first issue of Revista de Catalunya, on October 1986, read as follows: “Go always ahead. Your plan gives me strength. Your friend, now and ever”.

The full text of J. V. Foix‘s letter is reproduced in the Editorials i Articles section of the web.

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From Monday the 15th July, the Port de la Selva Town Council will go on offering the J. V. Foix literary tour on Mondays at 7.30 pm that will take place all through the summer. The tour covers several locations in the town that were portrayed in many of the poet’s works.

Meeting point: At the Library.

You have to make a telephone reservation at the Tourist Office o calling the 972 387 122.

Weekly regularity: Every Monday at 19.00 pm

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El Quartet Foix at l’Escala

On July 26th, as part of the VI Festival of Music and Arts of the Mediterranean, the Quartet Foix will perform its poetic-musical show based on texts by J.V. Foix. The event will take place at the Sala l’Alfolí de la Sal, in L’Escala.
The Quartet Foix consists of Jaume Comas and Artur Trias (actors) and Bernat Bofarull and Joan Orpella (musicians).

Date and time: July 26th, 10:30 p.m.
Place: L’Alfolí de la Sal, l’Escala.
Price: 10 €

In his book Marques de foc (Marks of Fire), published by Ara Llibres, the poet Narcís Comadira writes about the poems that have been most influential to him, including a particular poem by J.V. Foix.
When Comadira was a student at the Girona Seminary he read some poems by J.V. Foix, whom he would meet personally later in life. The poem in question was “També vindrem, Infant, a l’hora vella”, the first one in the book Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any, which had just been published at that time.

També vindrem, Infant, a l’hora vella

“Llibres per llegir” organizes a literary tour at Sarrià, accompanied by some texts by the great poet and guided by Maria Nunes, the route creator. The participants will go up to Vallvidrera by funicular and will go down taking a shortcut. After that they will walk through the nice little squares and streets which used to be the scene of the daily life of J.V. Foix and which are evoked in his literary and poetic world.

Date: 17.05.2013 From 17.30 to 19.30
Place: Barcelona – Vallvidrera

Inscriptions: You can register by means of the registration form you will find at the right end of this page.

On May 15th, a group of 15 female students of Catalan from CNL Gràcia i Sarrià-Sant Gervasi came to visit the Fundació accompanied by their teacher, Rosa Carbó. Apart from the native Catalan students, the rest were from France, the Lebanon, Japan, Mexico, England, Argentina, Canary Islands, and Asturias.

After an introduction to the life and work of J. V. Foix, the students read some verse and prose poems by the poet from Sarrià

Reading of poems

“No m’omplis més de flors: ja no t’estimo”

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On May 6th, it will take place the opening ceremony of the twentieth aniversary of the Biblioteca Gabriel Ferrater in Sant Cugat. We can see the artist books from the Poètica Còdex collective entitled “A l’ombra de Foix”.

Place: Biblioteca Gabriel Ferrater
Av. Pla del Vinyet, s/n. 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Opening day: May 6th at 19 h

Dates of exhibition: from May 6th to May 30th

Commemorative activities poster

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El cap de setmana del 3 al 5 de maig, dins de les jornades de portes obertes dels tallers d’artistes visuals de Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, s’exposaran els llibres d’artista del col·lectiu Poètica Còdex “A l’ombra de Foix”.

El dissabte a les 18.30 les artistes explicaran l’origen dels seus llibres i es farà una lectura de poemes de J. V. Foix.

Lloc: Taller de Marian López Plana
Carrer Carme Karr, 14 bxs A Barcelona
Plànol dels tallers

Tallers oberts

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On April 24th the Poètica Còdex collective will open an exhibition in honour of J. V. Foix at the Fundació Setba in Barcelona, where another exhibition by Susoespai will also open on the same day. The opening ceremony will be presented by the art critic Arnau Puig. The exhibition will remain open till the 2nd May.

The collective Poètica Còdex is made up of Marta Balaguer, Marina Berdalet, Eva Figueras Montse Ginesta and Marian López.

Site: Fundació Setba. Pça Reial, 10, 1r 2a Barcelone
Opening day: April 24th at 19 h

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On the 22nd March, Televisió de Catalunya dedicated its program to J. V. Foix‘s book Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any.

“Llibres a l’atac” is a daily 1-minute microspace that aims to promote and recommend 45 titles of Catalan Literature and is carried out by Josep Maria Martorell in the production and Enric Gomà,who is in charge of the script and direction.

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