On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March, the Port de la Selva Town Council will present a J.V. Foix literary tour, which will cover several locations in the town that were portrayed in many of the poet’s works.

Tour: Avinguda J. V. Foix, carrer de Illa, Moll d’en Balleu, cantó Torelló, carrer de Sant Baldiri (davant l’església), Plaça Pol Nadal i Mallol, carrer Mar, carrer de la Unió (davant casa d’en Foix), el Pas.

Tour highlights

A literary tour in Sarrià

On 21st February a literary tour took place in the Sarrià of J.V. Foix. At 10:30am, 39 secondary-school students and four teachers from INS Serrat i Bonastre in Barcelona began the tour from outside Sant Vicenç church. Gemma Reguant acted as tour guide and read extracts from the works of J.V. Foix.


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J.V. Foix’s poetic biography

J.V. Foix, 1954.In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of J.V. Foix’s death, on February the 9th, at “A peu, de pàgina” bookshop, Carmen Sobrevila will present a poetical biography of J. V. Foix.

Site: “A peu, de pàgina” Bookshop. Major de Sarrià, 50. Barcelona
Date: 9th February
Hour: 20.00 h

From February the 1st, a new paperback edition of Sol i del dol, one of the most important books by J.V. Foix, will be available in bookshops. This new edition includes a foreword by its publisher Jaume Vallcorba.

First published in 1947, Sol i de dol is a collection of seventy classical sonnets divided into sections and accompanied by several excerpts from medieval poetry.

Antologia poètica de J. V. Foix

On Sunday, January 29th, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of J.V. Foix‘s death, the Catalan newspaper Ara offered a special edition of his Selected Poems first published by Edicions 62 in 1980 in its collection “Les millors obres de la literatura catalana” (MOLC), with a preface by Pere Gimferrer.


Blogosphere homage

On Sunday, January 29th, the bloggers from “La Catosfera” were called on to pay a simultaneous homage to J.V. Foix on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death.
You will find attached the list of over 125 participants, compiled by Victor Pàmies i Riudor in his blog Raons que rimen (Reasons that Rhyme).


Blog’s list

25 years of J. V. Foix’s death

Sunday, January 29th marks the 25th anniversary of J.V. Foix‘s death. In order to commemorate it, the J.V. Foix Foundation has scheduled an event at the Sarrià Cemetery with the participation of Xavier Lloveras, the author of the text Mots i maons (“Words and Bricks”), from the book Tombes i lletres (Graves and Literature). Following that, there will be a poetry reading by the audience.

When: 29th January at 12.00
Where: Sarrià Cemetery. Doctor Roux, s/n. 08017 Barcelona

Sarrià Cemetery

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To mark the twentfiftieth anniversary of the J. V. Foix‘s death the Biblioteca Clarà presents “Un tast de Foix” based in poet’s texts. The actress Gemma Reguant recites the poems accompanied by the pianist Anna Alemany.

Date: 24th January at 19 h
Place: Biblioteca Clarà. Dr. Carulla, 22-24. 08017 Barcelona


La Fundació J. V. Foix acaba de publicar el llibre Cada poeta és ell que conté dinou poemes escrits i recitats per J. V. Foix, amb les traduccions al castellà i un apèndix amb cinc sonets i un text inèdits. L’estudi introductori és de Ramon Salvo Torres.

Cerc el que lluu

The Fundació Lluís Carulla dedicates this year’s Christmas Carol to the “Dau al Set” group. J. V. Foix took part in the spreading of Italian and French avant-garde movements in Catalonia, and gave his support to that group in order to carry out its own investigations and the common publishing project.

Les irreals omegues

Joan Brossa, Modest Cuixart, Joan Ponç, Joan-Josep Tharrats, René Metras and Antoni Tàpies. Photograph: Enric Tormo