In the Metropolitan review of April, in the article “Against all odds” is reproduced a part of the poem “El meu país és un roc” by J.V. Foix, with the English translation by David H. Rosenthal.




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J.V. Foix Quartet

The 13th April, in the Ateneu Barcelonès, the actors Artur Trias and Jaume Comas will present the J.V. Foix Quartet performance. They will be accompanied on the viola by Bernat Bofarull, and on the viola, and on the violin by Joan Orpella.

Wednesday 13th April at 19.30
Ateneu Barcelonès
Canuda, 6
08002 Barcelona

Limited capacity. Admission free

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The 6th April 2011 at the Centre Cívic de Sarrià the actor Quim Lecina and the compositor Joan-Carles Martínez present the Cròniques de l’ultrason and L’Estació by J.V. Foix.

Enrique Badosa, J.V. Foix’s translator, will present the book.

Wednesday 6th Abril 18.30
Eduardo Conde, 22-24
08034 Barcelone

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J.V. Foix Digital Library

Gertrudis 2Thanks to an agreement with the Màrius Torres Aula, we can now access the digitalized versions of the first editions of Foix’s essays and works of poetry directly from the J.V. Foix Foundation web site. These reproductions allow us to view often unavailable volumes of extraordinary typographic beauty.

View this digital volumes in J.V. Foix Digital Library in the J.V. Foix section.

L’Argus del mes de febrer de Mercè Ibarz dedica el seu podcast a “És quan dormo que hi veig clar” de J.V. Foix. Argus. núm. 17 del 15 de febrer del 2011.

Argus és una publicació mensual, creada el mes de juliol de 2009, que selecciona els millors continguts de i sobre cultura catalana i literatura en general, publicats a Internet i es troba dins de Lletra. Literatura catalana a Internet.

Ballet Ariel. Assaig The ballet Ariel is presented for the first time ever in a single session on 29th Jan and a double session on 30th, in the Auditorium in Valls. The libretto is by J.V. Foix, the set and wardrobe by Joan Miró and the music by Valls’s own Robert Gerhard.

The ballet has never been shown before because the Spanish Civil War broke out the year in which it was created. Seventy-five years later, the Amics de la Música de Valls have promoted the production and have included it in the Alt Camp’s Capital’s 10-year Festival. This new show is aided by the Robert Gerhard Center.

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J.V. Foix. “Ariel. Idees per a un ballet”. Musica Viva nº 2. Bruxelles, 1936.


The 29th January there will be a poetic recital about J.V. Foix. Enric Casasses, Blanca Llum, Andreu Subirats and Diego Burián (guitar), Magda Guillén, Andrés Balil and Orlando Guillén will take part in it.

The recital will take place in Torre Amat, in Duquessa d’Orleans, 9, at Sarrià, at 7 afternoon. The capacity is limited.

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Univ_experienOn the 22nd of December a group of students from the UB Universitat de l’Experiència, enrolled to the subject “Documents personals: Organització, Conservació i Ús” (Personal Papers: Organization, Conservation and Use), imparted by Professor Maria Elvira Silleras, visited the Fundació J.V. Foix in order to see how the archive is organized and to consult some of its documents.


Onze Nadals i un Cap d'Any
To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any J.V. Foix’s Spanish translator, Enrique Badosa, contributes an article to the Catalan edition of the Spanish newspaper ABC.

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Nadals recited by J.V. Foix

Onze NadalsWednesday 22th december at 20.00 in the bookshop A peu de pàgina, Carmen Sobrevila Masvidal introduces Onze Nadals i un Cap d’Any. 50 anys de l’edició del llibre.

A Peu de pàgina. Major de Sarrià, 50. 08017 Barcelona